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Ho Chi Minh Museum is a historical, cultural and most important capital and the country, attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore.
Museum of Ho Chi Minh was born on 05.19.1990, at a time when the country formally the 100th anniversary of his birth. Work to express deep gratitude of our people - forever remember the great President Ho Chi Minh.

Travel agencies have difficulty in difficult economic conditions will be emphasized by the latest increase in domestic airfares in the industry.

Agencies face both loss on tour was booked and canceled reservations because higher tour price. In fact, the increase in ticket prices for foreign tours more attractive to local customers, they said.
Earlier this month, Vietnam Airlines said it would raise fares on domestic flights up to 20% from December 15 onwards.
"A 15-year-old boy in the province of Ha Giang, Vietnam stands 80cm tall and weighs 11 kg. When round two and a half years old, he underwent a massive pneumonia abnormalities, which the body stopped growing for 10 years, could not sleep lying down ", that's the first comment about the boy sleep standing Do Van Dung page of Xinhua, China.
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 Tay Nam Hotel  is an ideal place to organize conferences and annual events within the centre of Can Tho city.


Southwest was the destination for you can rest and go shopping or traveling on the river

Services/ Restaurant

Tay Nam restaurant was designed in modern style with gorgeous landscape and with a capability of more than 200 guests. 
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